System Principle:

The vehicle tracking system (VTS) is designed to manage vehicles with GPS positioning technology and a wireless GSM platform. The system can, in real time, show a group of vehicles when, where, and how long they have worked and stopped. This system can significantly improve management efficiency in terms of productivity.


  • Data requirements from customer.
  • Statistics analysis and reports.
  • Customized interface design.

Advantages & Benefits:

  • Total visibility of the route of the vehicle movement and history records;
  • Total control over staff working hours / stop time at specified locations;
  • Increased productivity from the first day of installation and every working day;
  • Reduce insurance cost and increase protecting capability;Total control of use of fuel and mileage;
  • Analysis of efficiency of use of vehicles; Improvement of the quality of the customer service;

Addition advantages:

  • Effective transportations planning.
  • Strong commitments for customers.
  • Efficiency improvement.
  • Customized features and interface.
  • User defined reports.

Guaranteed customer satisfaction.